NICS celebrates Mandela Day 2015 with Tumelo Home and Hospice Centre

NICS celebrates Mandela Day 2015 with Tumelo Home and Hospice Centre
The elderly residents of Tumelo Home and Hospice Centre in Mabopane were yesterday treated to a day of leisure and comfort by New Integrated Credit Solutions (NICS) as part of the 67 minutes for Mandela Day.

NICS began revamping the home by painting and repairing some of the broken doors.

Spokeswoman Mosa Sibanda said the company went through a list of 11 homes and found that Tumelo was the neediest.

“When we came to visit the home we found that there was a lot that could be done to improve the situation here” said Sibanda.

She said one of the main concerns was an erratic supply of water and lack of beds in some rooms of the humble shelter.

“When we came across these problems we decided that this would be the home that we would dedicate Mandela Day to” Sibanda said.

Caregiver and founder of Tumelo home Lorraine Mabusela expressed gratitude and said the help they received could not have come at a better time.

The home, founded in 2003, caters to 20 elderly people from in and around Mabopane.

Mabusela said that establishing the home was a calling and she felt she could contribute to the quality of lives of senior citizens.

“The elderly are usually frail and need to be taken care of. That’s when I went for home care-based courses to get a better understanding of what I was getting myself into,” she said.

“Things are usually tough here. We have shortages of items including adult nappies and funding. Sometimes water and lights too. So our home was chosen because we really needed the help.”

Each of the 15 rooms were being painted, while employees from NICS repaired doors and windows and prepared lunch for the residents who excitedly sat in the courtyard while being treated to manicures.

One of the residents, Sarome Ntsie, said they appreciated the help as they are not accustomed to being treated like royalty.

Source: Pretoria News by Tankiso Makhetha.