The value behind NICS

Helping organisations recover debt responsibly.

Since the dawn of this millennium, New Integrated Credit Solutions (Pty) Ltd. (NICS) has remained one of the nation’s dynamic and fully-empowered leading provider of revenue management and debt recovery solutions.

When we entered the markets in 2001, our success was to be measured two-fold. We aimed to assist the public and private sectors in curbing and resolving their multi-billion rand debt. Also, subsequently, we sought to repaint the face of the debt-collection industry by becoming the drivers of transformation in the private sector which bragged little to no empowerment.

Despite the challenges of transforming the industry and the task of restraining a surging wave of public-and-private sector debt, we held the oars by the edge and charged onward. Within a decade, we had helped both the public and private sectors recover billions of rands in debt. As a result, NICS began to emerge as a leading, fully-empowered player in the industry. We are a majority PDI equity controlled, majority PDI managed and PDI staffed.

Today, as you read, NICS boasts a standardised 300-seater call centre, as well as numerous satellite offices across the country. Moreover, we are running a state-of-the-art, world-class auditable system that is suitable for Revenue Management and Debt Recovery.

We believe NICS is on the brink of greater outcomes as we now chart towards 2020 with renewed vigour and a new business strategy that will position NICS as your one-stop revenue management and debt solutions provider.

In the cause of our endeavours, we will remain anchored to our:


To remain a leading and responsible turnkey, 360-degree, tailor-made revenue management and debt recovery solution company.


To better our world-class offering by recruiting quality personnel while adopting innovative infrastructure and technology. Additionally, to develop sustainable relationships with all our stakeholders, and empower previously marginalised groups while maintaining our mandate to recover responsibly.

Our vision and mission are supported by our core values.